Business strategy + coaching

for bosses

who are ready to level-up with their online brand.

You have a Facebook page that has gathered a few likes and an Instagram account with a few pictures of quotes *yawn*


... but online, you're basically a business with not much of a brand or presence.


You're really amazing at what you do and have skills, expertise, and knowledge to truly help people but how can you help people when no one knows you exist or understands the services/products your offer?


This is where I come in.


I help entrepreneurs enhance their brand, develop their business offerings, and implement strategies so they can have a powerful & profitable brand.


If you're...

  • Feeling scattered and all over the place with your business brand and model

  • The girl with endless ideas but unsure how to prioritize and turn them into revenue

  • Tired of constantly feeling overwhelmed and in over your head when it comes to navigating your service or product offerings

  • Ready to create systems and strategies so that you can work smarter (and not harder!)

...then let's talk.

Together, we will:

  • Get crystal clear on the vision, goals and intentions for your brand, and then create massive action plans to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN!

  • Enhance and build your online brand so you're positioned as the expect and attract the right opportunities.

  • Create strategies and systems for your business so you can dedicate more time to the things that actually make you money and less time on the things that don't.

  • truly identify your target market & niche then create a strategies so you can capture your perfect clients (and collect the coins).

When working with me,

you will get:

- An in-dept audit to assess where you are currently and where you want to be. We're look at your branding, current strategies, your offerings and business model. From there, we're dive in deep and figure out what’s truly got you stuck then develop a vision and build a path to that vision.


- Assistance creating, developing and implementing your action plans. We'll focus on things like your brand, marketing yourself more strategically, maximizing your profits and creating systems/processes to support your business model. This may include website building, social media marketing, opt-ins, email structures, and online advertising.


- Weekly 45 minute sessions. These sessions are designed to dig deep into your business and mind, so we can position you for maximum success. Available in person and virtually. 


- Weekly assignments to complete in-between sessions to ensure that you are making power moves and staying accountable.


- Unlimited virtual email support

    My sessions are nothing short of life changing BUT this certainly is not a get rich quick scheme. Only work with me if you are ready to take action, put in some serious work and make the changes and mental shifts necessary.



    (See above perks)

    We will spend 2 months together reviewing and creating plans centered around your vision, your offers, your brand, your pricing, your sales & marketing, and your operations ...then we'll get to WERK with bite-sized actionable steps.

    Investment starting at $2,100

    (payment plans are available)


    This 90-minute session will take you on a 360-degree assessment of your current strategy and business model, explore your most pressing questions, and clarify 3 quick actions you can take now to get headed in the right direction.

    I'll also follow up in 3 weeks  to check-in on your progress.

    Investment starting at $527

    (a deposit is required)

    I came to Breonna with my big ideas and a general idea of the direction but I wasn’t sure how to bring it all together in a way that made sense. She helped me lay it all out, identify the missing pieces, and develop a strategy to take my business to the next level

    J Gardner, Founder of IPHONE screen repair, LLC

    Are you ready to level up your business & brand?


    (in case you're wondering who I am...)


     I'm Breonna 

    a results-validated business and brand strategist who helps entrepreneurs scale their business and create a powerful brand. Together, we create personalized strategies and systems so you can level up.

    For the past 9 years, I have worked as a Digital Marketer helping businesses maximize their online impact and income.

    In 2011, I started my consulting business helping local businesses establish and grow their online presence. Within the first week of launching, I booked my first client & 4 figure sale.

    I launched my beauty-based Youtube channel that now has over 60,000 subscribers and 5 million views, which has allowed me the opportunity to work and collaborate with HUGE brands.

    In 2015, I published my first book and it was #1 in new releases for Beauty on Amazon.

    Founder of Queenie Chic Boutique, which specializes in women's accessories, cosmetics and trendy fashion. I have over 7 years of eCommerce experience including WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, private label, drop shipping and wholesale.

    I also attended college and received my bachelor's degree in creative advertising and then went back for my Master's in Business Administration at some point. 


    I’ve been interviewed about my business on media outlets such as 10news. I've also been recognized and featured on Buzz feed, Bustle, Royaltee Magazine, Huff Post, Atlanta Black Star and more.

    that's me speaking with the Urban League of  young Professionals on how to turn their current skills into a lucrative side business!

    If you are ready to work together and scale your business, let's schedule a call to see if we’re a good fit:

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